Georges Lemmen (Bruxelles, 1865 - 1916)

Belgian painter and decorative artist.

At the age of ten Lemmen already demonstrated his unique talent at his first exhibition in Termonde, Belgium. In the following years his style was significantly influenced by the Belgian symbolist Ferdinand Khnopff. In his twenties Lemmen’s palette started to lighten up and his motives became more modern as he adopted the Impressionist style.

Seurat’s magnificient painting Dimanche Après-midi à la grande Jatte en 1887, which Lemmen studied at the exhibition Cercle des XX, triggered his interest in pointillist technique. His favourite motives became portraits, interiors, fairs and landscapes.

In the 1890s Lemmen was attracted by decorative art and began to design ceramics and tapestries. Early on his ornaments were figurative, but around 1895 he developed a new and individual calligraphy reflecting the influence of Art Nouveau movement.

Troubled and always questioning his artistic achievements he focused again on painting at the turn of the century. Previous influences and his experience with decorative art made him receptive to the style of the Nabis school. In 1906 he started depicting intimate bathing scenes with elaborated figures.

Admired by his Belgian contemporaries Lemmen kept doubting and questioning his talent until the very end of his life.

Georges Lemmen
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